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1957 Life Magazine Article on Noel Davis - 1957, Aug 12, Pg 74

1962 Greer Gallery NYC Exhibition Notice

1967 New York Daily News Article on Disastrous NYC Opening by Anthony Burton

1968 Preservation Hall Portraits by Larry Borenstein, Bill Russell & Noel Rockmore by LSU Press.

1971 Vieux Carre Courier - Rockmore Interview - by Patrick Kelly - February 26, 1971

1973 Noel Rockmore Interview - by Bill Russell about his art

1973 The World of Noel Rockmore Biography by Larry Borenstien 

1981 Rockmore's Invention - Harris-Livingston Review of 1st Oreck Show

1981 Mardi Gras Backstage - Brochure by Sandra Zahn Oreck

1982 An Authentic American Genius flourishes in the French Quarter - by Ed Martinez

1983 Noel Rockmore works follow entertainment depiction tradition - Green Review of 3rd Oreck Show 

1984 Rockmore Brings Haiti Home - Green Review of Bryant Gallery Show

1985 Press Release - Chattahoochie Valley Art Association Show - By William L. May with Rockmore notes

1985 Press Release - Posselt-Baker Show by Rita Posselt

1985 Rockmore works an uneven effort - Green Review of Posselt-Baker Show

1990 Rockmore's Diverse art Defies Definition - Luter Interview for Bryant Gallery Show

1991 Noel Rockmore: Artist - Biography by Shirley Marvin

1995 Artist’s renown reduced to recognition on the rocks - Rockmore's Last interview by Bill Grady

1995 Noel Rockmore Obituary in Times Picayune

1995-02-24 Noel Rockmore; Painter, 66 – New York Times Obituary

1995-02-24 Noel Rockmore Memorial Service Photos by George Long Photography

1995 Rockmore Memorial Tribute by Rodney Dennis - Putney School classmate and lifelong friend

1998 Lagniappe Review of NOMA Retrospective Show - Nov. 13 Times Picayune by Lake Douglas

1998 Noel Rockmore: Fantasies and Realities - NOMA book by Gail Feigenbaum - Getty Museum