1962 Exhibition Notice from Greer Gallery on Noel Rockmore

1962 Greer Gallery Opening NYC


35 West 53 Street                                                                 FOR RELEASE:  MAY 12

New York 19, New York                                                        PHOTOGRAPHS AVAILABLE


         Mostly large paintings will compose a one-man exhibition of very

recent work by Noel Rockmore at Greer Gallery, 35 West 53 Street,

to be on view from May 12 through June 4.  This 33-year-old New Yorker

is intensely concerned with form, and his figures and simple subjects

are treated solidly and somewhat abstractly in this, his ninth one-

man show.  Form is even inherent in his use of pigment, which is built

up on thick gesso sometimes giving the effect of cement, and in the

way he uses light to give a structural entity to a whole composition.


Color is often used in a broad range and richly, such as in the

series of paintings of people under parasols.  At other times it is

used in striking contrasts of brilliant rainbow hues against all-grey

figures and backgrounds, as in the “Freeing of the Bird” Numbers 1

and 2.  And again color may be almost monotone, as with “Oval Bouquet”

which is all in orange, with only some deep green shadows to intensify

the orange.

Noel Rockmore has exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of

Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the Pennsylvania Academy, and has

had one-man shows at the Butler Institute of American Art, the Sheldon

Swope Gallery in Terre Haute, Indiana, and at dealers’ galleries in

New York and New Orleans.  He was awarded a Tiffany Foundation Fellow-

ship, a Tupperware Foundation Fellowship, and he received three prizes

at the National Academy and an Honorable Mention from the Butler

Institute.  He has recently returned to New York from three years of

work in Mexico and New Orleans.  In 1957 Life Magazine published a

color spread of his paintings.


Born in New York, in December 1928, Rockmore was an early student of

the violin.  He received his general education at the Putney School

in Vermont.  His concentration shifted at the age of 11 to painting,

in which he is self-taught, and this has remained the major occupation

of his life.