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2022-06-27  New Orleans Music Observed: The Art of Noel Rockmore and Emilie Rhys

by Scott Yanow - The Syncopated Bookshelf

2022-05-20 The people in his neighborhood: Noel Rockmore's French Quarter By Nina Bozak HNOC

2021-12-29 Sandra Jaffe, co-founder of Preservation Hall, dies – AP release by Rebecca Santana

2021-10-29 The Reading Life: Emilie Rhys, John Ed Bradley – WRNO Radio Show Podcast

2021-11-30 New Orleans Music Observed: The musical art of Emilie Rhys and Noel Rockmore featured in new book

- John Wirt Offbeat Magazine

2021-11-18 The Queen of a Cherished New Orleans Restaurant Calls It a Night - New York Times by Brett Anderson

2021-11-07  Photos: Remembering Upperline, four decades of New Orleans cuisine, art, hospitality 

By Ian Mcnulty

2021-09-13 George Wein, Newport Jazz Producer and Pioneer of the Modern Music Festival, Dead at 95

By Hank Shteamer Rollng Stone Magazine

2021-06-20 My Father’s Theorem Sometimes, a mathematical proof is more than just a fact. By Dan Rockmore The New Yorker

2021-05-12 Why one Vermont school is considered among the 50 most influential high schools By April Barton Burlington Press

2021-04-05 Life beyond Covid #10: Noel Rockmore at New Orleans Jazz Museum By Mary Rickard ViaNolaVie

2020-12-23 Gypsy Lou Webb, French Quarter bohemian who published Bukowski, inspired Dylan song, dies at 104
With husband, published magazine work of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti by John Pope -

2020 Noel Rockmore Artwork - Artists, Mimes, Clowns, Musicians, and Magicians by Eileen McFalls

2018-12-15 Celebrating the life of American Painter, Noel Rockmore Born on this day in 1928 By Ogden Museum

2015-04-20 First New Orleans Jazz Fest poster artist remembered with opening-day second-line by Doug MacCash

2014-11-24 Foo Fighters “In the Clear” features Noel Rockmore paintings in Preservation Hall

2014-09-05 The Genius of Noel Rockmore to open at Historic Lake Charles City Hall

2013-10-30 The Marvin Family's Noel Rockmore Collection Video – Cultutal Vistas 64 Parishes Presentation Video

2013-09-01 Cultural Vistas – The Art of Noel Rockmore featured on the cover – 64 Parishes

2013 August 27th - "Neither Big nor Easy, A Pilgrimage to Gypsy Lou Webb, New Orleans Patron Saint of Beat Literature" by Michael Patrick Welch - Vice Magazine

2013 August 14th - The Noel Rockmore & Shirley Marvin Kickstarter Book Project - 'Our Journey to the Discovery of Rockmore" gets FUNDED to make this book a reality! 

2013 July 20th -October 6th - The Faith & The Fury: Noel Rockmore and His Patron at The Louisiana Arts & Science Museum. The Show runs from July20th - October 6th

2013 July 31st - "The Brink of Obscurity" by Mark Redmond - Dig Magazine - LASM PAYS TRIBUTE TO NOEL ROCKMORE AND THE FAMILY THAT KEPT HIM ALIVE

2013 July 21st - The Sunday Advocate Magazine - "Picasso of America" - Exhibit features works of Noel Rockmore from the Shirley Marvin collection by Robin Miller. 

2013-07-15 Noel Rockmore exhibit at LASM puts focus on arts patron Shirley Marvin and love of the undiscovered genius.  By Chelsea Brasted

2011 December 28 Noel Rockmore, ‘Picasso of New Orleans,’ revisited by Cain Burdeau - The Breakout ROCKMORE AP Article! 

2011 March-August  Ballroom Marfa Texas Show - Show Summary - 1st Rockmore Show in 13 years

2011 July - The Ogden Museum Celebrates Preservation Hall - Downbeat - Jennifer Odell - Curator identifies Rockmore as corenerstone of exhibition

2011 May 18 - The Artistry of Loujon Press: Triumphs and Shortcomings - Pelican Bomb by Nathan Martin - Talks about Rockmore - Bukowski - Gypsy Lou Webb Connection

2011 May 1 -"The Art in the Hall" Offbeat by Zachary Young - Nice Billie & DeeDee Rockmore displayed

2011 Feb/March "The Tomb of Noel Rockmore ": Garden & Gun Magazine Article -  by John Ed Bradley 

2011 January 26th - " Preservation Hall Blogspot": Noel Rockmore in Garden & Gun Magazine

2009 December 28 - "Rockmore's Preservation Hall Portraits" - Verso - Ogden Museum

2008 August 9th - A story of love and books in Bohemian New Orleans  - By Cain Burdeau on Gypsy Lou Webb mentions Rockmore and her painting

2008-2-29 - Cape Couple unearths disenfranchised Artist by Britt Beedlander - The Barnstable Patriot

2007-12-28 - Fans Remember Noel Rockmore by Doug MacCash - Times Picayune