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Letters & Diaries

    1964-3-4 Postcard To Shirley(BRLA) From Rockmore(NYC) - This brief Postcard shows Rockmore's disenchantment with being managed by Larry. It also references the side deal of selling sketchbooks Noel had arranged with Shirley as well as the Homage to 67th St with 20 Portraits.
    1967-11-22 Letter To Shirley(BRLA) From Rockmore(NYC) - Rockmore is in middle of Big NYC Show and already planning Potamkin sponsored trip to Israel. No mention of opening night disaster just moving on to the next opportunity. Postcards from Rockmore in Israel & Athens included here as well.
    1968 January-March - Back & Forth between Rockmore(NYC) & Shirley(BRLA) - Shirley has concerns about Potamkin direction vs. Art Establishment and expresses them to Noel who does not take it well. Also, introduced is Rockmore's young second wife Robin whom falls victim to Rockmore's intense desire to marry someone no matter what despite Sergio Franchi's advice. The Miami show falls through as does the marraige and relationship with Potamkin.
    1968 May-June (3 Letters) to Shirley(BRLA) from Borenstien(NOLA) an 2 from Rockmore(33W67. NYC) - The first letter from Larry is interesting gossip from someone who attended the Philadelphia Israel Rockmore Show and did not like it all. It contains Larry's response although according to Shirley, Larry could have fabricated it all just to get a rise out of her. The 2 letters from Noel to Shirley discussing things going bad with Potamkin and an interesting work of JFK & RFK after the RFK assasination.
    1970-1-12 Letter To Rockmore From Shirley - About Homage to French Quarter and Larry Borenstien - Shirley has just seen the Homage to the French Quarter and describes her feelings about it. Larry has been depicted in a most unflattering way and Shirley pleads with Rockmore to change it - which he eventually does - and then describes everthing that Larry has meant to the French Quarter and to both of them. It is a beautiful and accurate account. There is also a mention of another young girlfriend, Mary May from 1970.
    1974 February-April (3) Letters to Shirley(BRLA) from Rockmore(NYC) - He fled NOLA to escape thugs! - Rockmore insist two thugs were trying to kill him although Shirley feels it was due to breakup with Micki or emotional problems. Rockmore was known for living larger than life in a continual state of quite dramatic crisis. Regardless, he has left New Orleans and claims he will never return. He & Micki have ended relationship and he quickly finds a new girlfriend Janice. He says he will be painting Marcel Marceau and realizes now that he must have a major Gallery in NYC as he relationship with Bryant Galleries deteriorates. He hopes to be included in National Academy Show.
    1978-6-14 Letter to Shirley(BRLA) from Rockmore (835 Bourbon, NOLA) - Very significant letter where Rockmore is splitting with girlfriend Andrea & his dog Miro and realizing the big mistake of giving up NYC apartment for short money. Also, Rockmore indicates he has 10 more years to make it big and expresses contempt for Neiman's print success 
    1981 (3) Letters to Shirley(BRLA) From Rockmore(NOLA) - Rockmore goes through giving up drinking with Rita helping to also giving up commission work although he does do the Homage to the Jazzfest for George Wein. He is now with Sandra Zahn Oreck Gallery and has his first show.
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