Gladys Rockmore Davis - (Noel's Mother)

Floyd MacMillan Davis - (Noel's Father)

Deborah "Sissy" Davis - (Noel's Sister)

Elizabeth Hunter Davis - (Noel's 1st Wife)

Robin L. Rockmore - (Noel's 2nd Wife)

Floyd MacMillan Davis was an American painter and illustrator known for his work in advertising and illustration; Walter and Roger Reed described him as "someone who could capture the rich, beautiful people of the 1920s: dashing, mustachioed men; the cool, svelte women. But Davis was just as capable at capturing just-plain-folk, and with a cartoonist's sensibilities and a fresh humor, he expanded into story art and ad work that called characters of every persuasion. By the early 40’s was recognized as the top man in both fields. In 1943, Life Magazine called him the #1 Illustrator in America.

His art career, interrupted by two and a half years of service in the U.S. Navy during World War I, was resumed when he returned to Chicago and joined the Grauman Brothers' organization as an advertising artist. His illustrations appeared in many magazines, including Collier’s, The Saturday Evening Post and Redbook.[5]

Born in New York City in 1901, Gladys Rockmore Davis studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Her work was regularly included in all the large national and international exhibitions.  Her earliest contributions to the museum exhibitions attracted immediate attention and she has won a series of important awards. 

She was honored with awards at an Art Institute of Chicago Annual Exhibition, Corcoran Gallery’s Biennial Exhibition, Virginia Biennial Exhibition and Pennsylvania Academy Annual Exhibition. 

Mrs. Davis is represented in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Swope Art Gallery, the University of Nebraska, the University of Arizona, Toledo Museum, Butler Art Institute, Encyclopoedia Britannica, Dallas Museum, Cranbrook Academy and in many private collections. 

Chris Rockmore Davis - (Noel's Son)

Emilie Rhys - (Noel's Daughter)

Clara Rockmore - (Noel's Cousin)