1958-10-18 New York Times Review by Stuart Preston

Art: Technical Excellence

Gladys Davis’ Pastels and Herb Olsen’s Water-Colors on Exhibition Here

By Stuart Preston

            Nowadays, when so much store is set on “inspiration,” technical excellence is less sought by artists and less appreciated when it appears. It happens, however, that this week’s exhibitions include shows by two artists whose technical abilities exceed in interest the uses to which they are put.

            Pastel is an attractive medium and particularly so in the hands of Gladys Rockmore Davis, who is exhibiting figure paintings and still-lifes of flowers at the Babcock Gallery, 805 Madison Avenue. Her figures, caught in casual Degas-like poses, are not deeply characterized, but they have a charming air to them. Much the same is true of her flowers, beautifully painted, but not essentially re-created on the canvas.